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MeioBase is a comprehensive knowledge database for meiosis. It is comprised of two core parts, Resources and Tools. In the Resources part, a wealth of meiosis data collected by curation and manual review from published literatures and biological databases are integrated and organized into various sections, such as Cytology, Pathway, Species, Interaction, and Expression. In the Tools part, some commonly used tools have been integrated into MeioBase, such as Search, Download, Blast, Comparison, My Favorites, Submission, and Advice. With a simplified and efficient web interface, users are able to search against the database with gene model IDs or keywords, and batch download the data for local investigation. MeioBase will not only serve the meiosis research community, but also help any users who need easy and efficient access to various kinds of information related to meiosis.
This work is supported by grants from the Ministry of Sciences and Technology of China (2011CB944600).

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